Data Entry

Data Entry

AWS Legal

  • Managed data entry tasks for AWS Legal Group, ensuring accurate and organized documentation.
  • Compiled and entered legal case details, client information, and court records into the database.
  • Maintained confidentiality and precision while handling sensitive legal documents.
  • Improved data accessibility by implementing a systematic filing system.

AWS Real Estate

  • Streamlined data entry processes for AWS Real Estate, enhancing efficiency in property management.
  • Entered property details, lease agreements, and tenant information into the database.
  • Conducted regular audits to verify and update property listings for accuracy.
  • Collaborated with the real estate team to ensure seamless communication of information.

AWS Holiday Homes

  • Contributed to the success of AWS Holiday Homes by accurately inputting reservation details and guest information.
  • Implemented a standardized system for recording bookings, cancellations, and payment transactions.
  • Conducted regular data quality checks to maintain the integrity of the holiday homes database.
  • Collaborated with the customer service team to ensure a smooth guest experience through accurate data.

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